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  • Ranai Kasibhatla

Your Customers Are Close By-Dominate Your Owned Channels

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

In most corporations converting leads within their owned/offline channels is an afterthought. Depending on the size of the corporation and their budgets their strategies change.

The safest bet for most is to invest in online channels first. That path usually means investing in online channels (Social Media, PPC, SEO, Influencer Marketing) to drive conversions. The biggest issue with this strategy is that almost everyone within a certain industry vertical is targeting the same buyer in most cases and paying the social media channels for acquiring those leads.

There is massive data that supports the argument that using owned offline channels along with online channels will serve quite well and in most cases, the online channels can be used for brand building, stickiness, reach, scale, etc, and the offline channels can be used to nurture leads, provide highly customized content, build buyer personas and ultimately increase the conversion percentage!

Online Channels:

Each of the social media network algorithms dictates the behavior which means your company needs to have in-house experts that can create the right kind of messaging for the right kind of audience to see meaningful results.

Alternatively, you can hire agencies that specialize in paid search and continue to drive traffic to your site. Bear in mind that traffic alone will not solve your customer acquisition problem. There are a series of events that need to be orchestrated in parallel to finally get buy-in from traffic to your site. Let's look at the two phases.

Phase 1:

  1. Creating an Ideal Customer profile or Buyer Persona

  2. Researching the right social media channels to launch campaigns

  3. Understanding Algorithmic patterns within each of the social channels

  4. Design, Launch, Create and pay the social media network for your campaign

  5. A/B Test the campaign to analyze the most optimum strategy

  6. Rinse & Repeat

Phase 2:

  1. Start analyzing traffic to your site

  2. Measure traffic behavior

  3. Redesign Landing Pages based on prospect behavior

  4. Tempt them with lead Magnets

  5. Analyze conversion funnels

  6. Analyze shopping cart bounce ratios

If all else fails pray to every god you believe in for miracles.

The AS-IS landscape of Conversions:

The current state of attracting prospects/leads:

  1. Social

  2. Free channels

  3. Organic

  4. Influencers


Pay to Play. Algorithm overhang. Works well with deep pockets and dedicated teams. What works on one channel doesn’t work on the other. Need to build in-house expertise or hire expensive agencies for conversions and customer acquisition. Mostly good for brand building for large corporations to attract followers and sell them products and services. Vanity metrics are good for PR not for your bottom line.

Free Channels:

There are a whole bunch of them. Channels that did work are oversaturated now and very time-consuming. Again needs dedicated resources to mine and harvest.


There is still potential in this approach. However, it takes considerable time to rank content and keywords. Also hyper-competitive and needs high-quality content producers who deeply understand algorithmic behavior and have the ability to understand various nuances. Time-consuming and super expensive.


There are so many of them in various categories. You need to pick between Mega, Macro, Micro, and Nano. Depending on their sphere of influence and follower base they get these tags. Also, based on their size their cost structures vary.

Not all influencers will agree to work on results-based marketing. What that means is to have a healthy budget if you are engaging with the Mega/Macro influencers. Again they will not guarantee results but if they elect to work with your company/brand they will be able to amplify the messaging. Having a long-term strategy here is required and in most cases, if you are looking for instant gratification you will be disappointed.

Issues with the AS-IS strategy.

  1. Social Media Channel success is based on pay-to-play with no predictable outcomes

  2. Free Marketing channels (Redditt, Quora, Forums) are time-consuming and supersaturated

  3. Organic takes time and deep pockets and is not for the faint of hearts

  4. Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) are going up month over month on most social channels

  5. Campaign success is predicated on Algorithms

Note: The highest bidder gets the most eyeballs and after all that you are paying only for clicks/traffic to your site.

Offline/Owned Channels:

What are your “owned” channels?

  1. Your website

  2. Your CRM (Marketing & Sales)

  3. Your HRIS

  4. Your ATS

  5. Your CX databases

Once a lead is funneled from the online channels to your owned channels you will have a distinctive advantage in nurturing those leads and understanding their behaviors more accurately.

You need a well-thought-out strategy at this stage since it becomes more about quality than quantity at this point. If you are creative and can decipher your buyer behaviors by mapping their online and offline behaviors you will be able to engage and convert those audiences.

Gifting has stood the test of time and Corporate Gifting has grown from strength to strength every year. Since we believe Gifting can be used to incentivize and build relationships we embarked on building a purpose-built B2B conversion platform that uses gifting as the denominator.

Giftem was born on July 18th, 2022.

So what does Giftem do? Giftem helps in creating a lead conversion platform that uses your owned channels and helps you convert leads to customers, average employees to productive employees, job applicants to future employees, and existing customers to raving fans!

We built a platform from the ground up that any corporate entity can use for each of its functional areas including HR, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, and CX.

Our platform helps you to creatively incentivize your audience and convert them to customers throughout the funnel.

Giftem Features:

Firstly, Our platform today has gift cards from over 100+ top brands and over 30 respected charities. So the gift that you send your customers can be redeemed with any of the retail brands on our platform.

Secondly, our platform supports charity gift giving to approximately 30 well-respected charities. Let’s say your employees or prospects receive Giftems of various dollar denominations. They have the option to redeem that amount and donate to one of the charities on the platform. Our platform also allows recipients that are passionate about a charity that’s not part of our network to take the Giftem’s dollar denomination and transfer it to PayPal or their bank account. Once the money is transferred they can donate it to their favorite charities.

Thirdly, our platform integrates with over 40 widely used CRM, HRIS and ATS systems.

Finally, we make the gift-giving experience very personal. You can customize your virtual gift card in many different ways by sending pictures, videos, gifs, and illustrations. Our platform consumes thousands of images, gifs, and illustrations to make your gift experience fun.

If none of them wet your appetite you can record your own personal video and start enticing your prospects that way. Need I say more?

We help you dominate your OWNED channels!

A platform that helps with conversions and not clicks on your owned channels.

Using the power of Gifting. Pay as you Gift and see your conversions roll in.

Note 1: The money's in the list.

We have integrations with 40+ ATS, HRIS, and CRM systems to make your gifting experience intuitive and seamless. Give us a spin. You will not regret it.

Note 2: Our platform helps with digital and physical gifting (scheduled for ver 2.x release).



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