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Add a welcome gift to your onboarding process

Don't just welcome a customer by sending them a templated email. Make the customer onboarding experience magical!

How you may ask? Use Giftem.


Our end-to-end highly actionable corporate gifting platform helps in solidifying the customer onboarding process and differentiating your experience from the average run-of-the-mill onboarding processes.

Here are some Use Cases where Giftem can

help your company with

Customer Experience


Incentivize subscription renewals by sending your loyal customers a gift!


Have a loyalty program? Send a gift in minutes when someone hits a significant milestone!


Have a long deadline with a client? Ease tension by sending them a gift!


Referrals can often be boring and unenticing for your customers, but having a prize from Giftem might help!


Show clients that you care about their wedding, anniversary, newborn, etc.!


Bringing in a new client? Differentiate yourself immediately by sending them an onboarding gift!


Finishing up a project for a client? Leave them with something to remember your services for the future!


Have an event/webinar for your clients/customers? Increase attendance and experience with a gift!

Thank your customers for

their loyalty

Let's face it. Your customers are the building blocks of your success. Increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn is critically important.


Giftem's corporate gifting platform is built to help you increase your customer loyalty.


Sign up and experience for yourself the magic we refer to as "Joy-As-A Service"!