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Outreach Candidates in Seconds with GiFTEM

Get your emails written in seconds with Scoutbot

Giftem's AI Scoutbot is a game-changer for recruiters. It offers unparalleled customization, creating subject lines and email bodies tailored to perfection. 

Outreaching candidates just became a whole lot easier

GiFTEM's AI simplifies candidate outreach, streamlining communication and nurturing relationships effortlessly. Boost engagement, personalize interactions, and enhance recruitment outcomes with ease.

Outreach  Fast

GiFTEM enables lightning-fast outreach to candidates, streamlining communication for recruiters. Accelerate engagement, personalize interactions, and drive recruitment success effortlessly.

Automate Follow Ups

GiFTEM automates follow-ups, ensuring timely and personalized communication with candidates. Streamline processes, boost efficiency, and nurture relationships effortlessly.

Sync  Better

GiFTEM ensures seamless synchronization, enhancing collaboration and efficiency across recruitment workflows. Optimize communication and drive better outcomes effortlessly.

Send outreach emails in seconds with GiFTEM's AI Email Builder

Craft outreach emails swiftly using GiFTEM's AI Email Builder. Enhance efficiency, personalize messages, and streamline candidate communication effortlessly for better engagement and recruitment success.

Generate outreach emails in seconds

GiFTEM's AI generates candidate outreach emails in seconds

GiFTEM's AI swiftly generates candidate outreach emails, streamlining communication for recruiters. Boost productivity, personalize messages, and engage candidates effectively, all within seconds.

Automate Follow Ups for more responses

Automate follow up emails directly after outreaching a candidate

GiFTEM automates follow-up emails immediately after reaching out to candidates. Ensure timely communication, nurture relationships, and streamline recruitment processes effortlessly for enhanced candidate engagement and conversion.