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Accelerate the Sales Process

Easier said than done. We know.


We purpose-built Giftem to help sales professionals with their prospect outreach.


No more cold emails and awkward follow-ups.


Let Giftem help you amplify your outreach and delight one prospect at a time.

Improve your closing rates

Your prospect list is your lifeblood. We get it. How can you increase your superpower to convert the prospect list to a customer list? Giftem to the rescue!

Our platform allows sales professionals to entice prospects throughout the sales funnel and allow you in building relationships.


Giftem is a purpose-built end-to-end corporate gifting platform that seamlessly helps you in picking gifts with denominations as low as $5 and gifting your prospects to take action.

Differentiate yourselves instantly

The challenge most sales professionals face is to differentiate themselves from other competitors chasing the same prospect.


You may have a product that's far better than your competition. However, if your prospects are not engaging with you and moving along the sales funnel it defeats the purpose.


Giftem helps you to differentiate your outreach messaging from the get-go. The ROI is practically built-in when you use Giftem.


Give it a try and achieve prospecting nirvana!