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Your Recruiting Sidekick

Has Arrived

Giftem is a purpose built lead nurturing platform for recruiters. We help busy recruiters outreach and nurture candidates with the ease of a one-click gifting interface.




believe personal relationships are critical to success

Beneficial for:



believe that business gifts bring people closer together

Beneficial for:

HR, CX, Sales


believe that business gifts generate high, positive ROI

Beneficial for:

Marketing, Sales, Recruiting

Why Gift for Conversions?

Corporate Gifting has been on an exponential rise over the past 5 years, and companies are starting to catch on about how they can use gifting as a means of converting.

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You Choose the Amount. The Recipient Chooses the Gift.

Giftem gives the sender as well as the recipient, freedom.


Sender: The sender can design, add a monetary amount ($5 - $150), and send directly to the recipient.

Recipient: The recipient gets the gift sent directly to their email as well as a SMS text message directly to their phone, in which they can redeem the gift right away, and choose gift cards from over 100 retailers, donate the amount to over 40 charities, or deposit it directly into their bank account / paypal.

Create, Design, & Send Gifts,


Giftem wanted to be as practical as possible. That is why we created an All-In-One gifting platform for conversions.

Create a digital card however you'd like in our state of the art design system, attach a monetary value to the card if you so wish, and send to your recipient (i.e. employee, lead, candidate, client) in literal seconds.

The worlds first pay-as-you-gift platform.