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Giftem is a game-changer for recruiters by addressing the shortcomings of traditional recruiting workflows. It leverages the power of AI and modern technology to streamline and optimize the recruiting process. Here's how Giftem transforms recruitment:

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Learn GiFTEM
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Recruiting on Steroids. Let GiFTEM's Scoutbot go to work and 7X your recruiter productivity. Engage your recruiting sidekick.

The World's First Applicant Traction System.

GiFTEM's applicant traction system uses AI to build traction across the recruiting funnel.

GiFTEM AI Keywords

Giftem's AI keyword generation swiftly identifies relevant terms and phrases from candidate profiles, enhancing recruiter searches with precision and efficiency.

GiFTEM Boolean Search Strings

Giftem's boolean search strings enable recruiters to craft precise queries combining keywords, operators, and filters for targeted candidate sourcing.

GiFTEM Simplify Technical Jargon

Giftem simplifies technical jargon, ensuring recruiters easily understand and communicate with candidates in the tech industry.

Track Emails/SMS/Activity

Recruiters can effortlessly monitor the progress of candidate interactions, from initial outreach to offer acceptance, all within the platform.