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Recruiters-Use Email Automation to Create Re-Engagement Campaigns

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

As competition for top talent intensifies, recruiters need to find creative ways to engage candidates and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process.

One strategy that is gaining traction is re-engagement campaigns, which are focused on building relationships with past applicants and staying top of mind in their job search. In the age of automation, email campaigns provide an effective way for recruiters to reach out to potential candidates in a more personal, targeted manner.

What Are Re-Engagement Campaigns?

Re-engagement campaigns are designed to nurture relationships with past applicants by reaching out on a regular basis with relevant content that keeps them informed about new job opportunities or other related news.

For instance, after receiving an application for a particular role, recruiters can send a series of automated emails providing updates on any new openings or reminders about upcoming events related to the industry or area of expertise.

Through continued engagement with past applicants, recruiters can create stronger relationships while also increasing awareness of their company brand and boosting applicant numbers across multiple roles.

Benefits of Email Automation for Re-Engagement Campaigns

Using automated re-engagement campaigns has several advantages over manual outreach efforts:

  • Quicker turnaround times: With email automation, recruiters can quickly set up targeted campaigns and schedule emails at specific intervals – all without spending too much time managing each candidate;

  • Personalization: Automated emails allow recruiters to customize their messages according to individual qualifications or experience;

  • More efficient tracking: By using an email automation tool, companies can track responses from past applicants as well as measure open rates/click through rates;

  • Easily segment contacts: Automated systems enable recruiters to segment contact lists based on criteria such as location or skillset so they can target different groups separately;

  • Multiple channels: Automation tools allow companies not only to communicate via email but also use text messaging, social media posts and more when engaging with potential candidates;

  • Testing subject lines: Companies can use automated testing processes verify which subject lines work best before sending out mass emails.

Examples of Re-Engagement Campaigns

Here are a few examples illustrating how re-engagement campaigns work in practice:

  • Invitations & reminders for webinars/events : By inviting previous applicants to attend online training sessions or events in their area of interest (e.g., coding bootcamp), recruitment teams can nurture longer term relationships while keeping the conversation going even outside the hiring cycle;

  • Thank you emails : After receiving an application for a particular role, recruitment teams often send thank you messages expressing gratitude for taking the time to apply – this helps build goodwill between both sides and encourages future interactions;

  • Job alerts & status updates : Companies can use automated emails (with appropriate opt outs) as mini newsletters highlighting new openings as well as giving insight into progress being made during onboarding stages such as background checks or security clearance processes (if applicable).


Email automation provides an effective way for recruiting professionals to create complex yet personalized re-engagement campaigns tailored towards each applicant’s needs and qualifications.

By leveraging automated tools such as Giftem that allow segmentation according to relevant criteria such as location or skillset, companies can better target their communications while maximizing efficiency and minimizing time spent managing individual contacts.


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