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  • Ranai Kasibhatla

Generating Positive Feedback Through Gifting

A little surprise can make a big impact. A study by the University of Chicago found that people are more likely to give positive feedback when they’re given a gift. The researchers gave participants either a gift or nothing, and then asked them to give feedback about another participant’s work. Those who received a gift were far more likely to give positive feedback than those who didn’t receive anything.

So how can you use this information to your advantage? Try giving your employees small gifts periodically to show your appreciation and generate positive feedback. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive - something as simple as a Starbucks card or fruit basket can go a long way.

Generating positive feedback is essential for any business. It helps to build loyalty among employees and customers, and can lead to increased conversions and returning customers.

By showing appreciation for employees and customers, businesses can boost morale and happiness, leading to more positive feedback. In turn, this can lead to more sales, returning customers, and happier employees. By investing in gifting, businesses can create a virtuous cycle of positivity that benefits everyone involved.

Gifts are a great way to generate positive feedback and Giftem makes it easy. The psychology of gift-giving is complex, but the benefits are clear. People give gifts to others for many reasons, but one of the most common is to generate goodwill. When you give a gift through Giftem, you can be sure that your recipient will appreciate it and that you’ll get some positive social feedback in return. Thanks for reading!


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