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Is this a 100% remote Job? Stop the Madness!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

It's hard to miss the pattern; between job description requests and messages of rebuff, our inboxes have become a series of one-sided conversations echoing desires for 100% remote work. With candidates unlikely to accept anything less than their preferred working conditions, it looks like remote roles are here to stay!

In the current job market, many candidates are only considering 100% remote roles. As a result, our inboxes have been flooded with responses that all seem to share one common theme: an unwillingness to commit unless it's a fully-remote role. It appears as though companies looking for onsite candidates/employees must now grapple with this new "norm"!

It's becoming a common occurrence - every day, our inboxes are inundated with the same story: candidates politely declining job opportunities due to their preference for 100% remote work. We've heard it all before and although we respect everyone’s individual preferences, this pattern of responses can be both tiresome and redundant!

As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, many organizations are looking to bring their employees back to the office.

However, convincing potential candidates to return to the office can be a challenge for recruiters. Remote work has become the norm, and many employees have grown accustomed to the flexibility and convenience of working from home.

So, how can recruiters change the mindset of these candidates and convince them to return to the office? I have to admit these are just a few random thoughts that I could come up with and none of them are silver bullets to solve the onsite vs remote dilemma.

Here are some strategies to consider: Emphasize the benefits of onsite work

While remote work has many advantages, it's important to emphasize the benefits of onsite work as well. This can include things like the ability to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, access to in-person training and development opportunities, and the chance to build stronger relationships with team members.

Returning to the office is more than a change of scenery - it's an opportunity for collaboration, development, and connection. Enough of being a digital nomad and let's get out of those jammies for god's sake. Onsite work opens up priceless chances to build deeper relationships that only come from face-to-face communication.

Recruiters can help make this clear by emphasizing these unique rewards of onsite settings.

By highlighting these benefits, recruiters can help candidates see the value of returning to the office.

Be flexible

While it's important to emphasize the benefits of onsite work, it's also important to be flexible. Many candidates may not be willing to return to the office full-time but may be open to a hybrid model that allows for some remote work.

The onsite workplace is a great resource, but adaptability matters too. Many applicants might not feel comfortable coming into the office five days a week - allowing them access to some remote work could be their best option. As recruiters and employers, it's our job to provide solutions that help both parties reach an arrangement beneficial for everyone involved!

Recruiters should be willing to work with candidates to find a solution that meets their needs and the needs of the organization.

Offer incentives

To sweeten the deal, recruiters can offer incentives to candidates who are willing to return to the office. This can include things like a sign-on bonus, relocation assistance, or access to additional training and development opportunities.

Recruiting is competitive, and employers have to think outside the box when it comes to enticing candidates. To sweeten their offer, recruiters can give a sign-on bonus or help with relocation costs for those willing to make a return trip back into an office environment. Even more advantageous is access to extra training opportunities available - giving prospects not just new work tasks but valuable resume experiences as well!

By offering these incentives, recruiters can make the prospect of returning to the office more appealing to candidates.

Offer onsite retention bonuses

Recruiting quality talent even in the current macro environment is challenging. Qualified candidates whether active or passive are always in demand.

If your company's expectation is to hire talent that can work onsite most of the time and if you are competing against an employer that can offer remote don't just give up.

Get to the bottom of why a candidate wants remote work - unearth their true motivations. Invite them for an informal day/interview in your office and, if they're still interested in onsite work after that experience, make an offer and reward them with multi-year bonuses!

Leverage technology

As recruiters adapt to the return of office environments, technology can be an invaluable asset. From virtual onboarding and training opportunities that eliminate in-person contact on day one to collaboration tools allowing teams near or far to stay connected - leveraging tech has never been more important for easing recruitment transitions during these unique times.

Address safety concerns head-on

As organizations begin to reopen, the recruitment process must account for pandemic-inspired safety precautions.

Candidates may have genuine concerns about returning to their workplace, so it's important that recruiters are honest and forthcoming regarding measures taken by employers like frequent cleaning routines, social distancing restrictions in shared spaces, as well as any mandatory mask policies.

Putting potential employees at ease with this transparency will help build a better work environment going forward.

Use Humor in your Outreach

The Advantages of Using Humor in Candidate Outreach

In an increasingly competitive job market, humor can be the key to unlocking potential in recruiting efforts.

With so many companies fighting for attention from top candidates, taking a humorous approach has become highly effective when trying to stand out and encourage people to apply - making your recruitment outreach memorable!

Here are some advantages of using humor in your candidate outreach:

It makes your company more approachable

Using humor in your outreach can make your company appear more approachable and personable. By injecting a bit of humor into your messaging, you can help candidates feel more comfortable and at ease with your brand, which can increase the likelihood of them considering your job opportunities.

It helps you stand out from the competition

Recruiting is a competitive field, and using humor can help your company stand out from the competition. When done well, humorous messaging can be a memorable and effective way to make your brand and job opportunities stand out in the minds of potential candidates.

It can improve your response rates

People are more likely to respond positively to messaging that makes them feel good, and humor is a great way to do just that. By using humor in your outreach, you can increase the likelihood of candidates responding to your messages and engaging with your brand.

It can help build a positive employer brand

Using humor in your outreach can help build a positive employer brand, which can have long-term benefits for your company. When candidates see that your company has a fun and humorous side, they may be more likely to view you as a desirable employer and be more willing to work for you in the future.

It can improve the candidate's experience

Recruiting is not just about finding the right candidates, but also about providing them with a positive experience. Using humor in your outreach can help make the recruiting process more enjoyable for candidates, which can lead to higher levels of engagement and retention.

Of course, it's important to use humor appropriately and in a way that aligns with your brand and values. Humor that is offensive or inappropriate can have the opposite effect and turn potential candidates away from your brand.

Here are a few subject line examples of how you can incorporate humor into your outreach messaging:
  1. Looking for an in-person people person for an onsite opportunity! Must love office chairs, communal coffee, and not wearing pants at home

  2. Looking for an office ninja! Must be able to dodge traffic, navigate hallways, and do amazing work 100% onsite!

  3. Join our on-site team and ditch your sweatpants forever! We're looking for a dedicated 9-to-5-er with a sense of humor and a love of office snacks

  4. Join our team and say goodbye to working in your basement - 100% onsite!

  5. Get ready to pack your lunch and join us in the office - onsite position available!

  6. Looking for a reason to leave your house? We've got you covered - 100% onsite!

  7. Come work with us and say goodbye to your home office - 100% onsite!

  8. Tired of working from your kitchen table? Join us in the office - 100% onsite!

  9. Looking for a place to wear pants again? We're hiring - 100% onsite position!

  10. Get ready to swap your slippers for shoes and join our team in the office - 100% onsite!

In conclusion, using humor in candidate outreach can be a powerful and effective way to stand out from the competition, improve response rates, and build a positive employer brand. So, why not inject a bit of humor into your next outreach campaign and see the benefits for yourself?

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