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  • Ranai Kasibhatla

Improving Candidate Outreach Using Automation

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Are you looking for ways to improve candidate outreach and recruitment efforts using automation? If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss three different ways that businesses can use automation to improve their candidate outreach. Keep reading to learn more!

Recruit Passive Candidates: You can use automation to reach out to passive candidates who may not be actively looking for new job opportunities. By sending them personalized messages through Linkedin or other social media platforms, you can let them know about open positions at your company that may be a good fit for their skills and experience. You can also use automation to stay in touch with candidates that are already in your Applicant Tracking Systems and keep them updated on your company's latest news and developments. B2B conversion tools such as Giftem can help you in full lifecycle support and can improve you candidate outreach drastically.

Opportunities: Automation can also help you identify potential candidates for specific job openings. For example, if you are looking for a new marketing manager, you can set up an automated search that will scan social media platforms and job boards for people who have the relevant skills and experience. This can save you a lot of time and effort when compared to manual search methods. Once you have compiled a candidate list and export them to your database or ATS they will now be part of your owned channel. This gives you a distinct advantage because you are no longer competing with everyone in town. Your ability to outreach creatively and nurture candidates and build professional relationships will eventually help you in improving your KPIs.

Attract Candidates with Incentives: Finally, businesses can use automation to attract candidates with incentives. For example, you can create an automated email campaign that offers an incentive to applicants when applying for a job. This can help to increase the number of qualified candidates who apply for your open positions.

In the new world of technology there are so many resources that businesses can use to their advantage. The growing world of automation and marketing automation are making a major impact in the recruiting scene. Companies are able to automate email sequences, follow up appointments, and even set up interviews by simply building sequences around their needs.

If you are a business owner that is interested in automation services, check out Shuvel and GiftEm.

Shuvel is a digital marketing firm specializing in getting their clients the outreach they desire. In addition, GiftEm is a digital gifting automation platform used by companies to attract candidates with incentives at the click of a button! If there are any further questions be sure to contact us. Our team is eager to help and will respond quickly!


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