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How Can Recruiters Use Lead Magnets To Attract New Candidates To Their Email List?

Lead magnets are rewards or incentives used to attract new customers and encourage them to sign up for an email list. They can take the form of a free ebook, whitepaper, video series, webinar, or other materials that offer valuable information in exchange for contact details. Lead magnets are a great way to establish relationships with potential leads and build customer loyalty.

Lead magnets are used by marketers and recruiters to attract new customers or candidates, respectively. They offer a reward or incentive in exchange for contact information such as an email address, phone number, or social media profile. Lead magnets can take different forms including:

  • Free ebooks with an overview of services

  • Whitepapers on specific topics

  • Video series with tutorials and demonstrations

  • Webinars providing detailed instruction

  • Access to exclusive content and resources

  • Coupons and promotional discounts

  • Gift cards or Physical gifting for attending an interview, taking a coding exercise, referring their friends

Lead magnets provide valuable information that helps potential customers or candidates become more informed about the product, service, and job being offered. It's also a great way to start building relationships with customers and candidates for establishing customer loyalty and brand building over time.

Recruiters can use lead magnets and gifting to attract new candidates to their email list by:

  • Offering a valuable incentive, such as a free ebook, whitepaper, or video series that provides a more detailed overview of the recruiting process. These materials should cover topics such as job descriptions, employer benefits, expectations for applicants, and more.

  • Leveraging social media channels or other avenues to promote the offer and encourage more signups. This could involve creating dedicated ads or content campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • Establishing an opt-in form on the website with a field for recipients’ emails. This form should be easy to understand and complete in order to maximize conversions.

  • Crafting an engaging subject line that will draw attention and motivate recipients to open the email. Consider using targeted keywords and phrases that will help recipients recognize the relevance of the message.

  • Personalizing messages using the lead magnet as an incentive for signing up. Utilize personalized language, such as addressing each recipient directly in their emails, as well as customizing information based on past interactions with them (if applicable).

  • Providing a ‘thank you’ gift for signing up, such as coupons or promotional discounts. This step is important to show appreciation for new subscribers joining the email list and drive even higher engagement rates down the line.

  • Positioning gifting as part of the overall recruiting funnel strategy in order to increase conversions along each step of the process. By providing additional incentives throughout different stages of recruitment, recruiters can create greater interest among potential candidates who may not be ready to commit right away.


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