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A Recruiter's Conversation With ChatGPT

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Recruiting with Chatgpt

With all the buzz around ChatGPT, I figured I should give it a spin.

I have to say I was genuinely surprised! The approach I took was to challenge the bot every step of the way and push it to offer me additional solutions or come up with creative ways of recruiting talent.

The initial set of answers seemed very textbookish and I thought to myself what's the big deal here? It's an AI Bot that has been fed massive amounts of data via ML algorithms and it's basically spitting out information that's essentially canned.

What I realized as I increased the degree of difficulty of my questions and challenged the bot to move away from the status quo its answers were very well thought out and almost human-like. I still felt it was repeating itself for some parts but did find the spark of creativity and ability to answer questions using rationale and logic.

Also, signing up was a breeze and the UI was super easy to follow and use.

Chatgpt login screen

So what are my thoughts thus far?

  1. It's a fascinating tool

  2. It can be used as a sounding board

  3. It can help with analysis and reasoning

  4. It has the potential to offer rationale answers

  5. It can be used as a content generation tool for specific use cases

  6. Last but not least it's super cool!

So here are the screenshots of my conversation. I started by asking ChatGPT about how to find Full Stack Engineers.

chatgpt Q&A
chatgpt interaction

I pushed ChatGPT harder to think further and offer suggestions as you will see below.

chatgpt Q&A

Next, I asked about using Incentives and Gifting candidates as that's something we are building for Recruiters.

Chatgpt Q&A

I then pushed the ChatGPT further to see the suggestions.

Chatgpt Q&A

I still didn't give up and questioned its line of thinking.

Chatgpt Q&A

Not to beat the above topic to death I asked ChatGPT another question about candidate lead nurturing.

Chatgpt Q&A


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