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A/B Testing: How Recruiters Can Use it to Improve their Email Campaigns

Recruiting is an ever-evolving process, and recruiters are consistently looking for ways to strengthen the performance of their email campaigns. One powerful tool they can use is A/B testing.

A/B testing involves creating two versions of an email, “A” and “B”, with slight variations in the content or design. These versions are then sent out to separate groups of subscribers. By comparing various metrics such as open rate, click-through rate and engagement of each version, marketers can determine which performs better and identify which elements had a positive or negative impact.

Setting Up an A/B Test

The first step when setting up an A/B test is to create two versions of your email campaign with minor changes between them. For instance you could have different subject lines in one version than another or slightly different body copy.

Tools like Giftem are purpose-built to help recruiters in creating multiple subject line headers on auto pilot and track conversions to showcase the performance of each subject line. Additionally the platform helps recruiters to manage the entire lead nurturing funnel and help increase recruiter productivity. The Cherry on the Cake if you will is to help recruiters use gifting to solidify their relationships with candidates across the recruiting funnel and differentiate their messaging from competitors.

Additionally, you should decide on the criteria for separating your audience into two groups before sending the emails out. Lastly, track various metrics after each campaign like open rates and clicks per recipient to compare performance results between your two emails. Once you've identified what works best for your campaigns, you can make adjustments in subsequent campaigns to further improve results over time.

Examples of A/B Tests for Recruiters

Here are some examples of how recruiters can use A/B testing to optimize their email campaigns:

  • Create two versions of an email with different subjects lines or body copy and compare the open rate between them. if (emailVersion == "A") {// Subject Line 1} else {// Subject Line 2}

  • Create two different versions of an email with different designs and compare click-through rates. if (emailVersion == "A") {// Design Version 1} else {// Design Version 2}

  • Create two emails that have personalized content based on recipient interests and compare engagement levels. if (recipientInterest == "Finance"){ // Content Version 1 } else { // Content Version 2 }

  • Create two emails targeting different segments of the audience, like job title or seniority, and measure which segment had higher overall performance. if (segment == "Senior Professionals"){ // Email Version 1 } else { //Email Version 2 }

By leveraging A/B testing, recruiters can gain valuable insights into how effective their email campaigns are and adjust future messages accordingly to maximize response from potential candidates


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