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18 Email Personalization Tips For Recruiters

  1. Research your candidates thoroughly before sending any emails. This will help you create personalized messages that are tailored to their individual needs and interests.

  2. Make sure you have an understanding of the candidate’s background, experience, and goals in order to craft a message that resonates with them on a personal level

  3. Customize each email template to fit the specific candidate you’re targeting. Consider their industry experience, role requirements, and desired outcomes when creating a customized email for them.

  4. Pay special attention to the subject line of your emails, as this is often the first thing a candidate will see when they open it.

  5. Try to make it stand out from the crowd by using phrases or words that are unique and relevant to their interests and skillset so they take notice of it quickly.

  6. Tailor your message to the individual candidate by highlighting their past work, projects, and how it relates to the role you’re offering them.

  7. Showcase why they would be a perfect fit for the job vacancy by presenting facts about their professional life in an easy-to-read format that supports your argument as to why they should join your company.

  8. Find a mysterious connection between yourself and the candidate that can be used as an icebreaker in your email introduction.

  9. Start off with something unexpected and intriguing to draw their attention right away such as mentioning a mutual acquaintance or discussing something interesting related to where they grew up or went to school

  10. Highlight any mutual connections you may have with the candidate, such as shared alma maters or colleagues in common.

  11. Gently remind them of people who may know both of you which could potentially help build trust between yourself and them more quickly than if there were no existing connections at all

  12. Send your emails at times when they’re most likely to be opened and read such as an early morning or late evening hours on weekdays or weekends respectively to increase your chances of having their full undivided attention

  13. When crafting out messages highlight what makes them uniquely qualified for certain positions

  14. Use a candidate’s name more than once throughout your email so they feel like it was written specifically for them.

  15. Repeating someone's name every few sentences gives off an impression that you actually took time out of your day just to write one single letter directly addressed towards them personally instead of just hitting "send all" on some generic email template.

  16. Grab their attention from the get-go by using an interesting opening line that piques their curiosity.

  17. Aim for an unexpected yet subtle statement right away that grabs hold of their attention right away before diving deep into whatever points you're trying present later on further down within your message body

  18. Keep it concise by getting straight to the point without going off on tangents. Stick with plain language without overcomplicated jargon so as not to overwhelm readers too much with detailed explanations or stray too far from directness thus resulting in boredom, therefore, leading people to opt out altogether from understanding what it is exactly you're trying to communicate here in entirety.


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