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Log in to Giftem's dashboard

First step is as simple as it sounds.

Create an account and sign up as an individual or a company, whichever one works best for you.

Then, simply login to our platform either with your own account or your google account, and immediately get access to your very own dashboard and full access to the Giftem Platform.

Select the contact you would like to gift

If you signed up as a company, you get to select the vertical you would like to use Giftem for (HR, Sales, Marketing, CX, or Recruiting). 

Depending on which vertical you choose, you are given the capability to upload a list of clients/candidates/prospects that are in any place along your conversion funnel.

Once uploaded, you can send a gift to them at any time, most importantly at the best time you deem would land you a conversion.

Create your own gift and send in minutes

After choosing the contact you would like to gift, choose from one of our templates, edit it to your liking, and send it to your recipient in minutes.

Your recipient gets notified via text and email, and they are able to redeem their gift as soon as they open it. 

It doesn't get much easier than that.

Easy Process, Easy Pricing

Giftem doesn't charge you any monthly subscriptions, no sign up fees, & no initial processing fees.


We only charge per gift you send, and have carefully set a pricing structure that will not only save you money, but will also eradicate the drama and annoyance of a platform taking money from you every month.

Gift Cards & Charity Gifting:

The new way to incentivize

See how Giftem allows you to create incentives through our gifts.

Don't Wait - Get a head start on converting and creating.

Start seeing the results you want and build the culture you desire