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Giftem's transactional gifting infrastructure is a cutting-edge solution that enables recruiters to engage with candidates in a unique and meaningful way. With this feature, recruiters can seamlessly send personalized gifts to candidates as part of their outreach efforts, creating memorable experiences that set them apart. Giftem's platform simplifies the gifting process, making it an integral part of recruiter workflows, and fostering stronger connections with potential hires.

Send gifts natively through GiFTEM to start building relationships

GiFTEM currently offers over 80+ gifting options that include major brand names such as Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Starbucks and more - while also providing the recipient the ability to choose what they redeem. This introduces a whole new way of gifting between senders and receivers.

Over 80+ options to gift

Recruiters can offer carefully selected incentives, such as gift cards or rewards, to candidates as a token of appreciation for their time and interest in job opportunities. This practice not only encourages candidates to remain engaged throughout the recruitment process but also strengthens the recruiter-candidate relationship, ultimately leading to more successful hires.

Incentivize candidates with gifts

Recruiters can choose to make a charitable donation in the candidate's name as a way to show appreciation and social responsibility. This unique feature not only creates a memorable experience but also aligns the recruitment process with corporate social responsibility, fostering goodwill and a sense of purpose among candidates and recruiters alike.

Introducing charity gifting

The future of recruiting is here and here to stay. Get ahead of the curve and start recruiting with GiFTEM.

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