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Giftem's AI Scoutbot email feature is a game-changer for recruiters. It offers unparalleled customization, starting with subject lines and email bodies tailored to perfection. Whether you want to strike a professional, casual, or even a humorous tone, our platform adapts to your style effortlessly. It's all about making those connections count in the world of recruiting, and Giftem's AI Scoutbot email feature is here to ensure you do just that.

Get your emails written in seconds with our AI "Scoutbot"

See how Scoutbot takes over your email writing to ensure better productivity and response rates

GiFTEM's AI will write emails for recruiters in seconds


Subject Line: Java Guru Alert 🚀 - Join Our Code-tastic Team

Hey Scoutbot, write me a subject line with a "funny" tone of voice.

Out Tone of Voice selection helps you in hyper-personalizing emails to candidates with a funny, professional or casual tone. 

Tone of Voice

Our Recruiting Sidekick (Scoutbot) will completely re-engineer your email outreach process. Give it a spin and you will never go back to your old ways again!

The *New* Email Process with GiFTEM

Upload a candidate resume

Step 1

Ask Scoutbot to create a subject line (you can pick form three different tone of voice)

Step 2

Ask Scoutbot to write a personalized email (you can pick from three different tone of voice)

Step 3

Review and make edits if required

Step 4

Add a Gif and Custom Image

Step 5

Send your email and start tracking your activity ( You can typically 6X your candidate outreach)

Step 6

A New AI Recruiting Sidekick with Everything You Need to 10x Your Productivity

Candidate Nurturing on Steroids. Let Scoutbot go to work and 10X your candidate outreach and conversions. Reimagine your recruiting workflows.

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No more canned email templates. Let Scoutbot help in crafting highly personalized emails to candidates based on their skills, tenure, resume summary etc.

Email Body

Once you like a template designed by our Scoutbot you can save and reuse at any time for candidate outreach. You can save up to 20 templates with different headings in your personal dashboard and acess them across the recruiting funnel during your candidate outreach journey.

Email Templates

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